Hello ^.^ My name is Jessica. I'm 18. I love Writing. My favorite color is blue. I love Japan<3 I'm a Fujoshi ^.~ My recent obsessions are Nabari no Ou, Durarara, K, Magi, Sukitte Ii na yo, and Zetsuen no Tempest ^.^ I usually just reblog anime/manga, and art but sometimes you'll catch me randomly posting since this is also my personal blog. Thank you for visiting!
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sight by theCarol on Flickr.
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"Am I dying?"
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petition for ppl to find something other than “the albino” to refer to kaworu as in fics 

"shinji looked at the whitey mctighty, so pale he could be mistaken for a pair of underpants, and"

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Funeral by ハンエ
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