Hello ^.^ My name is Jessica. I'm 18. I love Writing. My favorite color is blue. I love Japan<3 I'm a Fujoshi ^.~ My recent obsessions are Nabari no Ou, Durarara, K, Magi, Sukitte Ii na yo, and Zetsuen no Tempest ^.^ I usually just reblog anime/manga, and art but sometimes you'll catch me randomly posting since this is also my personal blog. Thank you for visiting!
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Little boy: Mommy, why is Wonder Woman not wearing any pants?
The Mom: Because Wonder Woman has amazing thighs and she could crush men with them if they insult her.
Little Boy: I wanna be Wonder Woman.
The Mom: Don't we all.
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friendly reminder that Sam Winchester prayed to god and to angels for years, using faith to keep himself going through all the pain and suffering, but when he met angels they told him he was an abomination and they would kill him  (◡‿◡✿) 


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